Obsidian Mirror 
Obsidian Mirror
Created by: Shosuro
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

The Obsidian Mirror was in the possession of the Scorpion Clan for centuries, and for much of that time it was simply known as Shosuro's Mirror.[1]

Origin Edit

Unknown to the Scorpion was the fact that the mirror had been crafted by Shosuro from the blood of Onnotangu, following her union with the Lying Darkness after the Day of Thunder. [1] It was returned from the Shadowlands by Shosuro and gifted to Hantei, shortly before Shosuro faked her own death. [2]

Powers Edit

The mirror was a blood powered artifact that allowed its user to see visions from the past or present. [3]

Uses Edit

The mirror was used by nearly every Shosuro Daimyo in the history of Rokugan. Bayushi Kachiko used it to spy upon the Emperor Hantei XXXIX during the Clan War, [4] and might had played a significant part in the success of the Seven Thunders on the Second Day of Thunder in 1128. [1]

History Edit

Found at Kyuden Bayushi Edit

Somehow the mirror was lost, and later found in 1122 inside a deep chasm of Bayushi's Labyrinth. Within a cave many treasures were found, but Yogo Junzo saw fit to bring to his ally Bayushi Kachiko instead to reveal his discovery. Kachiko at that time did not know how to use the mirror, but she realized it was a powerful nemuranai which could scry locations far from the user. [5]

Burning Sands Edit

Obsidian Mirror 3

Broken Obsidian Mirror

During the War Against the Darkness the Scorpion came to realize the nature and origin of the mirror and attempted to destroy it, but failed. [1] In 1130 the mirror came with the Scorpion Clan to the Burning Sands in their exile. They were attacked by the Senpet [6] and the mirror was broken and lost in the sands. The Ra'Shari Shalimar passed for the place of the battle and found it. She guessed the item could retain some of its power and retrieved the mirror. [7] Shalimar passed it to the Old Man of the Mountain, leader of the Assassins, who understood the mirror was a item of great power, and more important than the arrival of foreigners to the Medinaat al-Salaam. [6] The mirror retained part of its power despite it was broken. [8]

Attempted Destruction Edit

Hitomi began a quest to gather all the artifacts of Lord Moon, whose power she needed to challenge Lord Moon. She sent Shinjo Tashima to track down and recover the mirror, and the mission took him to the Burning Sands. There he obtained the mirror from Kachiko in return for the aid he gave to free the enslaved Scorpion from their Senpet masters. Tashima brought the mirror back to Rokugan beside the Kami Shinjo, and moved to the Dragon Mountains to pass the nemuranai to Hitomi. [9]

Lost? Edit

Obsidian Mirror 1

Obsidian Mirror

Hitomi ascended as Lady Moon, but the whereabouts of the Obsidian Mirror since were unknown. Some said it was found by the nezumi, and Zin'tch tried to use it. [10] They did not understand its powers but were afraid of it, and that a Chuda knew of its location through the ratlings. [11]

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