Obsidian Champion

Obsidian Champion

The title of Obsidian Champion was the position held by the chief general and enforcer of the Shadowlands, comparable to the Rokugani title of Emerald Champion.[citation needed] Later this position was of high regard in the Spider Clan, and head of the Spider Clan Army. [1] Since the Spider joined the Empire, the position was not anymore part of the new Great Clan.

First Champion Edit

Moto Tsume was the first to claim the title following his corruption in the ninth century and "held" it for many years until his destruction in 1133. [2]

Goju Kyoden Edit

What became of the title was unknown until it was given to Goju Kyoden several years later. As Daigotsu rose in the ranks of the Lost, taking the leadership, he needed a champion. He gave the Obisidian Champion title to his personal yojimbo, Goju Kyoden, [3] who held the position until his death in 1160. Kyoden sacrificed himself to the Shadow Dragon to allow Daigotsu to return following his death at the hands of Toturi Tsudao. [4]

Moto Tsume Edit

The position was again vacant until the resurrection of Moto Tsume in 1168. Little was known of Moto Tsume's second reign as Obsidian Champion, other than his appearance claiming the title. [5]

Spider Clan Edit

Daigotsu Tatsune Edit

At some point the position became vacant once again. Sometime in 1168, Daigotsu held a tournament in the City of the Lost to determine the next Champion, which was won by Daigotsu Tatsune. Shortly after the tournament, the Lost left the City and infiltrated Rokugan, becoming the Spider Clan. Tatsune was put in charge of the Spider Clan Army, [1] and Champion of Shourido. [6]

Yearly Tournament Edit

Obsidian Championship

Obsidian Championship contender

Daigotsu commanded the Obsidian Champion to hold an annual tournament to see if it was possible to defend their title and retain their position. All among the Lost who hungered for power and influence were free to try and take the positions by force, if they so desired. [6]

Yoritomo Hotako Edit

Yoritomo Hotako became the Obsidian Champion in 1169 when she killed the previous holder, Daigotsu Tatsune. [1] Sometime later Hotako took the Daigotsu name, becoming Daigotsu Hotako. [7]

Rogue Title Edit

Obsidian Blades

Obsidian Ascension

Since the Spider became part of the Empire the position was not part of the new Great Clan. [citation needed] Somehow, the Ancestral Sword of the Snake Clan, Mukizo, became the sword of the Obsidian Champion when Daigotsu Hotako wielded it. She was killed by Ikoma Ayumu, but refused to get the title, and the station remained vacant. [8] A new Obsidian Champion ascended when a naga eventually managed to seize the Obsidian Blades. [9]

Obsidian Champions of the Shadowlands Edit

Obsidian Dueling Grounds

The Obsidian Dueling Grounds

Moto Tsume c.825 - 1133
Goju Kyoden  ? - 1160
Moto Tsume 1168 - 1168
Daigotsu Tatsune 1168 - 1169
Daigotsu Hotako 1169 - ?
Vacant  ? - (c. 1199)

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