Obsidian word

Obsidian word

Obsidian, the Blood of Onnotangu, [1] represented corruption.

Creation Edit

The Rokugani religion told Onnotangu, the Moon God, dropped dips of blood when Hantei cut his father's belly. These dips formed obsidian when they touched the earth. [2] Obsidian carried the curse of Onnotangu, and corrupted those who used it with madness. Since obsidian was a substance derived from divine blood, all obsidian weapons could harm Invulnerable creatures in the same manner as jade. [3]

Abilities Edit

Obsidian Figurine

And Obsidian Figurine

The studies of Kuni Mokuna determined an obsidian weapon could deal damage to a creature of the Shadowlands. Though most obsidian was harmless to use or hold, deposits made of blood spilled from severed Onnotangu's hand brought a slow-progressing derangement. [4]

Obsidian Weapons Edit

While obsidian was not intrinsically Tainted, it had a sinister affinity to the Shadowlands Taint, and could be forged into Tainted artifacts and weapons of great and terrible power. [5] The majority of obsidian weapons were forged in the Shadowlands, and the methods used there enhance the substance's Taint and powers. This "Pit-Forged Obsidian" was among the most dangerous substances in Rokugan. [3]

Scarcity Edit

Deposits of obsidian were rare to be found, [6] as the Obsidian Mines. [7]

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