Northern Towers of Flame

Northern Towers of Flame (D4)

The Northern Towers of Flame (D4) was a chain of five towers located on the northern Dragon border, in the Great Wall of the North, [1] North to the Kousou and Togashi provinces. [2]

Purpose Edit

The towers were created after Tamori Chosai, the Dark Oracle of Fire, was banished from Rokugan in 1159. The towers were built to defend the Dragon Clan from the Yobanjin minions sent by Chosai to destroy his former clan, and they successfully stopped all assaults for a while. [1] An entire legion of the Dragon Army, additionally supported by Tamori Shugenja, was permanently stationed there. [3]

Towers Edit

The towers were massive constructs, built to withstand any hardship including earthquake and siege. The buildings that were built into the base of each tower were large enough to station a hundred soldiers. [4] Realistically, however,  the towers were too distant from one another to do more than serve as an early warning system. [5]

Fires of Purity Edit

Within each of the towers were the Flames of Purity [6] which were created with Isawa Nakamuro's aid. When the Dark Oracle's corrupting influence was near, the fires flickered and waned, alerting the soldiers stationed there. [4]

Yobanjin attacks Edit

Fifth Tower Edit

While the rest of the towers were assaulted from time to time by yobanjin driven by Chosai's will, the Fifth tower never was attacked before 1166. The Broken Shinbone Tribe dwelled near that tower, and took care of the minions of the Oracle before they could reach it. [4]

Renewed attacks Edit

In the winter 1169 the Towers suffered three assaults in one month from Yobanjin minions of the Dark Oracle of Fire, Chosai. The Dark Oracle set his men on fire without killing them, and used them for suicide attacks. They were easily repelled. [7]

Destruction Edit

In the Month of the Tiger of 1170 the towers were utterly destroyed during the opening phase of the War of Dark Fire. [8] [9]

Rebuilt Edit

In 1172 the towers were once again manned by a standing army as the Towers themselves were being rebuilt. [10]


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