Nightingale Samurai were devoted to the style of fighting developed by an ingenious young woman named Mirumoto Narumi during the early days of Toturi III's reing. [1]

Style Edit

The Nightingale technique was an uncommon sub-style of the basic Mirumoto kenjutsu technique practiced by the Dragon Clan created by Mirumoto Narumi, [2] and developed by her granddaughter Mirumoto Narumi. It utilized rapid advances in and out of an opponent's sword range, making several seemingly wild cuts and thrusts that appeared uncontrolled. An observer of her style gave her the "nightingale" nickname, comparing her movements to those of a bird in flight. [1]

Dojo Edit

Narumi was granted permission by the Mirumoto Daimyo Mirumoto Rosanjin to teach the technique to her fellow Dragon Bushi [1] in the Nightingale Dojo. [3]

Known Tehcniques Edit


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