Nezumi Shaman

A Nezumi Shaman

The Nezumi Shamans, Kir, practiced the Name Magic. [1]

Abilities Edit

Nezumi Shaman could influence the world around him through sheer force of will. By altering the way he perceived the world they could change reality. [2] They use barbaric rituals rather than scrolls to cast their spells. [3] They utilised a combination of guttural chants, body movement and in same cases bloodletting to focus their chi in the proper direction. [4]

Names Edit

Ratling Conjuror

A Nezumi Conjuror

To work their magic the shaman must become familiar with the True Names. A shaman must maintain the power of his Name to make his magic work. A shaman who acted irresponsibly corrupted himself with self-deception, becoming a N-kich and were incredibly dangerous trying to rewrite reality itself. [2]

Vatiety of names for Nezumi Shamans Edit

A Nezumi Shaman of low rank was called Conjuror. He could not alter Names, but he could influence them very slightly. This primarily manifested as an ability to move or summon objects, or to slightly change their own Name. As they progressed, they became much more adept at perceiving and altering Names, and became known by different titles: Nameseekers, Namefinders, Namebinders, or Nametakers. [5]

Known Technique Edit

Ratling Nameseeker

A Nezumi Nameseeker

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