Nemuranai were man made items of exceptional quality that had had their kami awakened, either through the skill used in creating them or through their association with great deeds.

Type of awakenings Edit

The two types of spirits within an item are the shen, or benevolent spirit, and the kuei, or malevolent forces of the tainted nemuranai. The awakened kami allowed these items to grant their users fantastic and magical abilities. [1] The items most likely to awaken were weapons and armor, and the most famous and powerful nemuranai were items of this type. [2] Shutsudohin, the spirits within the nemuranai, manifested in Yomi at any time the item was destroyed. [3]

Types of Nemuranai Edit

See below the types of nemuranai sorted by how they were created: [4]

  • Senzo - the oldest nemuranai, permanently magical
  • Shokunin - created nemuranai, items intentionally awakened by a shugenja
  • Hakanai - single use items, they were not true nemuranai
  • Tankyu - nemuranai awakened on purpose for a task
  • Sokonau - former pure nemuranai, which were lost in the Shadowlands becoming tainted nemuranai
  • Mijuku - spontaneously enchanted nemuranai

Weapons Edit

Item Created By First Used By Currently Used By
The Celestial Jitte Shiba Tsubeko Hakai Unknown
Chukandomo Doji Yasurugi Doji Kurohito Matsu Benika
Earth Isawa Asahina Kakita family Unknown
Heaven Isawa Asahina Kakita family Unknown
Naishi Doji Yasurugi Kozue Unknown
Kanpeki Doji Yasurugi Unknown Unknown
Kakita's Sword Unknown Kakita Unknown
Kisada's Tetsubo Unknown Hida Kisada Unknown
Koebi Jitte Unknown Unknown Unknown
Kotoku Doji Yasurugi Doji Hayaku Unknown
Mirumoto's Daisho Mirumoto Unknown Unknown
Omen's Crimson Spear Te'tik'kir Omen Unknown
Satsugaisha Tsi Xiao Daidoji Shihei Unknown
Serpent's Tooth Unknown Daidoji Yurei Unknown
Shiba's Shadow Unknown Unknown Unknown
Windblade Unknown Unknown Unknown
Yoritomo's Kama Unknown Yoritomo Unknown

Tsi Xing Guo's Last Gift Edit

After the death of Rosoku ten blades were created as a parting gift by Tsi Xing Guo, the Fortune of Steel. The blades were given to the Keeper of the Five Rings, Asahina Sekawa, and intended to be wielded by heroes to carve a new destiny for themselves. Sekawa disseminated the blades among the clans, where heroes have indeed taken them up and made them their own. [5] [6]

For further information on this section, please see Lotus Swords

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Armor Edit

Item Created By First Used By Currently Used By
Armor of the Golden Samurai Kukinjin Unknown Unknown
Armor of Sun Tao Unknown Sun Tao Unknown
Atarasi's Armor Hida Osano-Wo None Unused in Kyuden Hida
Armor of the Shadow Warrior Unknown Hida Unused in Kyuden Gotei
Mirumoto's Armor Mirumoto Unknown Unknown

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Other nemuranai Edit

Item Created By First Used By Currently Used By
Agasha's Glass Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ancestral War Banner of the Hida Unknown Hida Hida Kuon
Anvil of Despair Agasha Ryuden Asahina Yajinden Daigotsu Yajinden
Bag of Necessity Unknown Yasuki Hohiro Unknown
Biwa of Kakita Kakita Kakita Unknown
The Bonsai Pine Iuchi Ramatsu Unknown Unknown
The Courtier's Obi Isawa Asahina Doji family Unknown
Doji's Fan Unknown Doji Unknown
Fan of Command Unknown Akodo Unknown
Golden Mirror Unknown Doji Unknown
Golden Obi of the Sun Goddess Amaterasu Toturi Tsudao Unknown
Gong of the Righteous Emperor Unknown Toturi III Unknown
Isawa's Last Wish Isawa Asako Sagoten Unknown
Jade Goblets of Taira Taira Unknown Unknown
Jade Hand Osano-Wo Kuni Hohiro Yakamo
Kenshin's Helm Unknown Unknown Unknown
Kitsuki's Coin Unknown Unknown Unknown
Obsidian Mirror Shosuro Unknown Unknown'
The Maw's Skull Unknown Kyuden Hida Unknown
Mempo of Pure Thought Isawa Asahina Doji family Unknown
The Merchant Coins Isawa Asahina Yasuki family Unknown
The Mirror of Dueling Souls Unknown Unknown Unknown
The Origami Crane of Good Fortune Isawa Guragu Unnamed Crane maiden Unknown
The Ring of Night "Unknown" Unknown Unknown
The Ruby of Iuchiban "Unknown" Unknown Unknown
The Sharing Rings Soshi Jiro Unknown Unknown
The Standard of the Iron Crane Isawa Asahina Daidoji family Unknown
The Tears of the First Emperor Unknown Doji Ochiba Wife of the Doji Daimyo
The Yon Tane-o Maku Agasha family Unknown Unknown
The Yugure Chochin "Unknown" Unknown Unknown

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