Agasha's Scroll

The Scroll containing the Symbols

Nazo Bubun no Agasha was a set of mysterious symbols created by Agasha. It was not until almost eight hundred years after she created them that a young shugenja named Agasha Daijoku discovered them and what they meant. Spending a week with little sleep deciphering it he discovered that mysterious symbols in Agasha's more famous texts were in fact symbols for certain components contained within all plants and animals. These components all combined in various different ways to result in rocks, plants and creatures. Daijoku gathered together a small school of students who devoted themselves to further studying Agasha's ideas, and the original set of symbols known as Nazo Bubun no Agasha became an ever-expanding lexicon of chemical formulae. Amongst the students the components became simply known as bubun, and the collection of these became a carefully guarded secret amongst the students.[1]


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