Nasu family
Patron family: Shiba family
Clan: Phoenix Clan
Founded: 393
Daimyo: Unknown

The Nasu family was a vassal family of the Shiba.

Gozoku Edit

Originally created by the first Gozoku as a new Imperial family in 393, maintained the oversees the bureaucratic needs of the Empire. [1] They outranked the rest of the Imperial Families, a family of powerful bureaucrats who forced everyone else to submit to their whims and manipulations. [2]

Vassal family Edit

When in 435 the Gozoku was broken Shiba Gaijushiko hid the Nasu in his own family, the Shiba. The Nasu kept their distance from the other families of the Phoenix, the Nasu tended to marry fellow Shiba. The Nasu estates, Kankei Seiden, were located in Honored Treaty City. [3] They remained in their duties, but limited to the Shiba family. [4] [5]

They were also in charge of overseeing Phoenix shipcraft and seafaring. [citation needed]

Training Edit

The vast majority of Nasu attended the Asako Courtier School, the Shiba Bushi school, or even on occasion the Doji Courtier school. The few Nasu shugenja came to the Shiba Tejina school. [3]

Notable Members Edit

Nasu Daimyo Edit

Nasu Itami (c. 1158)

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