Naishou Province Cover

Naishou Province Cover

Naishou Province explores a forgotten corner of the Empire of Rokugan, where lies the small Naishou province. Unremarkable in virtually every way for as long as anyone can remember, the provincial governor of Naishou died under mysterious circumstances some time ago, and since then, things in the province have gotten… interesting. Intrigue and treachery have become the order of the day, and even the most honorable of samurai find themselves placed in impossible positions, both by the plots of enemies hidden in the shadows as well as by the machinations of their own allies. One entire province of the Empire has been completely detailed.

Credits Edit

  • Written by: Maxime Lemaire & Robert Hobart
  • Edited by: Robert Hobart
  • Art Director: Shawn Carman
  • Cover Design: Robert Denton
  • Cover Artist: Gong Studios
  • Layout: Robert Denton
  • Original Graphic Design: Edge Entertainment
  • Artists: Hannah B, Drew Baker, Stefano Baldo, Noah Bradley, Sergio Camarena, Brent Chumley, Edwin David, Max Degen, John Donahue, Lino Drieghe, Shen Fei, Tony Foti, Felipe Gaona, Gong Studios, Ancor Hernandez, Hectro Herrera, Jeff Hill, Llyn Hunter, Aurelien Hubert, Jason Juta, Heather Kreiger, Greg Lambrakis, Asier Lopez, J. Matar, Patrick McEvoy, John Moriarty, Carlos NCT, Glen Osterberger, Mateusz Ozminski, Aaron Miller, Erich Schreiner, Jazz Siy, Alain Viesca, Wenjuinn, Imaginary Friends Studios, Robert Denton
  • Production Manager: David Lepore
  • Senior Brand Manager: Todd Rowland
  • Chief Executive Officer: John Zinser
  • Head Playtester: Brian Bates
  • Playtesters: Team 1 (Dave Smith, Patrick Chen, Aien Elmi, Jason Kang, Ki Chang Kim, Roger Liang, Arthur Nguyen); Team 4 (Becca Hobart, Kevin Blake, Todd Stites, Daniel Briscoe); Team 6 (Timar Long, Erykah Fasset, Chad Kirby, Mike Brodu, Maxime Lemaire, Ray Rupp); Team 7 (Jason Shafer, Nathan Shafer, Matt Strout, Liza Strout, Joe White, Terry Moore, Eric Newlin); Team 8 (Edward Reynolds, Brebouillet Mathieu, David Whitney, Richard Whitney, Stuart Biggs, Robert Knight); Team 8b (Michael Hill, Shane Pheeney, Chaedy Ritherdon, Tarl Cowly); Team 8c (Thomas Atwood, Ryan Castilla, Henry Joiner, Brandon Woodmen); Team 17 (Tom Lewis, Jamie Kipp, Gavin O’Hearn, Shawn MacLean, John Taylor); Team 18 (Dave Laderoute, Mike Clark, Chris Talarico, Chris Masdea, Lee Vollum, Richard Hewitt, Bill Hrenchuck); Team 19 Charles Caswell, Vincent Stantion, Eddie Sweeden, Chuck Sweeden, Justin Cross, Fox Whitworth); Team 20 (Matt Tyler, Timothy Hill, Stephen Mumford, Matthew Linkswiler, Paul Casagrande, Robert Zapf); Team 21 (James Freeman-Harris, Sarah Koz, David Wright, James Mosingo); Team 22 (Scott Shepard, Dawn Dalton, Andrew Doud, Justin Davidson, Jon Huskey, Trista Lillis); Team 23 (James Wagner, Kevin Pason, Ryan Bataglia, Chris Foster, Jim Friedman, Jason Whiston, Phil Jenicek, Dan Sulin, Izzy Lombardi-Friedman); Team 24 (Tony Love, Kassandra Mullin, Brian Tieken, Kimberly Wajer-Scott, Phillip Scott, Nicholas Love, Jerry Fleenor, Patrick Williams)

Table of Contents Edit

Map of Naishou Province (Page 3) Edit

Naishou Province

Map of Naishou Province

Secrets of the Empire: Naishou Province (page 4) Edit

Chapter One: Toshi no Naishou (Page 9) Edit

Chapter Two: Settlements of Naishou Province (Page 34) Edit

Chapter Three: Geography of Naishou Province (Page 52) Edit

Chapter Four: A Plague of Crimes (Page 64) Edit

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