Naga Vedic were the seers and custodian of the Naga spiritual culture. They were a friend, philosopher, and teachers to all Naga. Their dedication to knowledge, ritual, and the fundamental faith in Akasha became them the example for others. They were members of the Constrictor Bloodline. [1] Naga Vedic attempted to interpret events and discoveries within the context of the Akasha and its communal memories. [2]

Children of the Bright Eye Edit

As chosen of the Bright Eye they were the healers, the guardians of life and peace, helping the Naga race to live in harmony. They used to wear jewellery or bright tokens. [3] They were similar to the Rokugani monks. [4]

Children of the Pale Eye Edit

Those Constrictors who were born with black and unmarked scales, were known as the Children of the Pale Eye. They would became the judges, jury and executioners for crimes against the Qatol's Law, the only Naga known to kill their brothers. [5] They patrolled the Shinomen Forest with authority to administer justice within Naga lands as they saw fit. [4]

Development Edit

The first phase of the Naga Vedic training was that of inner enlightenment, when he became aware of his own strengths and weaknesses, and how to exploit or protect them. He progressed from student to teacher during this period. The second phase of their development was that of law -identifying criminals and misfits and meeting out justice. The final stage for Vedics was infinite, as it was his journey deeper into the Akasha and received the ability to tap directly into its power. [4] They used as badge of authority blackened swords known as ghirka-kukhrie. [6]

Known Lord Vedic Edit

Naga Vedic Great Lessons Edit

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