Naga Shugenja

Naga Shugenja

A Naga Jakla was the Naga equivalent of a shugenja. They were of the Cobra Bloodline. [1]

Role in the Naga society Edit

They were the keepers of dangerous knowledge for the Naga, researching what others could not, and sharing it. The Jakla were the masters of the Pearl Magic. [2] They manipulated the elements by focusing them through the power inherent in their pearls, and did not speak to the kami. [3] They were scholars and artificiers. [4] Jakla learned to use their connection with the Akasha, performed the major religious and spiritual rituals of Naga society, such as the special ritual that made all Naga immune to the Shadowlands Taint. [5] They could summon the force of their spirits as well, sending a desperate wave through the Akasha and pleading for its blessing upon their troops. [6]

Awakening Edit

Many naga jakla did not awaken during the Clan War despite the best efforts of his fellow Cobra. [7]

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