Muzaka was the Fortune of Enigmas. [1]

Forewarning Edit

Muzaka was extremely obscure, and typically only theologians and scholars knew of his existence. Once every year he took human form and traveled the Empire searching for someone worthy of attempting to solve one of his riddles. The Fortune granted visions to those he found worthy, visions which frequently led to ruin, but the truly strong-willed and intelligent could come through them stronger and more prosperous than before. [2] Seido Muzaka was possibly the only temple dedicated to the Fortune, hid in the Kawa Forest and magically protected from visitors. [3]

Kaiu Taru Edit

Kaiu Taru received a vision from Muzaka, a future where the Kaiu Wall was destroyed, and Hida Kuon died in battle against a monstrous unknown foe. [4] It was a warning of the incoming Destroyer War, and the Rakshasa General of the Destroyers.


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