Munemitsu no Oni

Munemitsu no Oni

Munemitsu no Oni, the Earth Breaker, was an oni and one of the Shokansuru's Brood. [1]

Created Edit

Munemitsu no Oni was forged from the power of Jigoku using the soul of Shokansuru's once time friend and fellow magistrate Ichiro Munemitsu. After Iuchiban captured the City of the Lost Shokansuru fled out into the Shadowlands where the found the Forgotten Tomb of Fu Leng. There he could tap into the power of Jigoku directly, and began creating oni using the souls of his former allies. [2] [3]

Shape Edit

Munemitsu no Oni stood approximately 20 feet tall, and its body was covered in a grey carapace that could deflect even the sharpest katana. Its head was small compared to its body, three horns rised from the top of its head and another one on each side of its mouth. Munemitsu no Oni used these horns to gore its victims before tearing them apart. Munemitsu no Oni's fists were gigantic, and it normally attacked from a distance crushing its foes. [3] It threw acidic blood and every inch of its body was covered in a blue chitin. [4]

Shadowlands Civil War Edit

The oni did whatever its master Shokansuru commanded, and in the civil war that ravaged the Shadowlands in the Twelfth century it aided The Maw in its war against Daigotsu, the Time of Demons. [3] In 1168 the Oni attacked the City of the Lost. He was defeated by the duelist Daigotsu Eiya and the free ogre Kayomasa. [4]

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