Born: Pre-calendar 
Died: Pre-calendar 
Parents: Kjald, The Sea 
Children: Muhomono 
Titles: King of the Mikata

Muhonarak was the First Ogre.

The Legend of Muhonarak Edit

Muhonarak, according the legends described in the Kjornid, was born where the flaming river of the Burning Peak met the sea. Since his birth, he knew no fear; and he stole his first breath from a passing hawk. The legend said that he was created by the Heavens in order to defeat the champions of other realms, so that mortals could live in peace. For that he would need an army and so, from his first hundred steps, a hundred ogres were born and they were called the Mikata. Before arriving in Rokugan, Muhonarak fought and defeated many opponents, including the Great Wolf Yugoth. [1]

Coming to Rokugan Edit

When Muhonarak lead the Mikata to North Rokugan to claim their riches and carve his kingdom, he was confronted by the leaders of the Five Races, who challenged the ogres to two contests. Muhonarak fought a battle of strength against the mightiest warrior of the Five Races: The King of Trolls. After a hard battle, the First Ogre used his agility to defeat the Troll. Then Muhonarak faced a contest of riddles against the wisest Kitsu. After answering the first question of the Kitsu, the Ogre asked one of his own; but before the Kitsu was able to answer, Muhonarak choked him to death. Since the Kitsu was now unable to answer, Muhonarak was declared the winner. As a reward, the ogres were granted the lands to the south, where they enslaved the nezumi. [1]

The Champion of Evil Edit

Two hundred years later, an army of demons and undead invaded Rokugan. The were the followers of a Tiger-like shapeshifting demon, The Rakshasa, the selected Champion of Jigoku. After three days of fighting, Muhonarak was able to defeat his opponent, but was seriously wounded in the process. [1]

Muhonarak's Death Edit

While he was recovering from his injuries, Muhonarak was attacked by a nezumi carrying a dagger made of out of the claw of the King of Wyrms. While Muhonarak was able to slay the assassin, he died soon afterwards from the wounds the Nezumi had inflicted. This began the age of the ogre enslavement by the nezumi. [1]

Muhomono Edit

Muhanorak's leadership of the Ogres was continued by his son, Muhomono. [1]


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