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Moto Kara 
Moto Kara.jpg 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1132 
Spouse: Moto Gaheris 
Titles: Avatar of the Goddess

Moto Kara was an ashalan and Moto huntress. She was revealed as an Avatar of the Goddess. [1]


Kara was married to Moto Gaheris, [2] who became the khan after he deposed Moto Kiyoshi. [3]

Moto-Senpet War[]

In 1130 Kiyoshi told Gaheris the Senpet had enslaved the Scorpion Clan. The former Khan saw it as an opportunity to take revenge on the Senpet, easy prey after the combat. Gaheris refused, believing it would be challenging prophecy, and it would only give problems to the Moto. Kiyoshi alongside Moto Marik took half of the Clan to fight the Scarab Empire warriors that would begin the Moto-Senpet War. When Gaheris realized it took the rest of the clan to avoid the total demise of Kiyoshi's supporters. Kara saw a storm in the distance, a bad omen. [4]

Defeated by the Senpet[]

Kara fighting the Senpet

The Senpet were returning from their victory over the Scorpion Clan when the Moto descended upon them. But a sudden sandstorm swept up around them, and the will of the Lady washed them away into the sand. [5] As they charged the Senpet army, the sand beneath them opened and wretched, Ghul's twisted fingers reached up at their horses' legs. Kara watched the Khan Gaheris slip into the sand, followed by the screaming Senpet. [6] Gaheris and Kiyoshi were gone. [7] The Senpet riders came from the west and Senpet chariots charged from the east. They turned the horde about, but there was nowhere left to run. [8]


Maymum begins Kara's training

Somehow she avoided the Senpet warriors and was taken by Maymun to the Ashalan hidden City of the Seventh Star, where she began to train. [9] Kara had been identified as one of the four Avatars, the four bahiya that contained missing souls from the Ashalan. In 1132, with the other avatars Shosuro Tage the Scorpion, Amru the Qabal, and Zahra the Ebonite, they were called upon at the Awakening to release Shinjo from her imprisonment using the power of the Fallen Star in the City of the Seventh Star. [10] The avatars sacrificed themselves to release Lady Shinjo from her slumber. The release of the ancient soul from their bodies killed the Avatars. [11]

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