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Moshi Rokuro 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named Moshi Shugenja,
un-named Yoritomo Bushi 
Titles: Captain of The Legacy

Moshi Rokuro was a bushi and kobune captain in the Mantis Clan.

Youth Edit

Rokuro was the son of a disgraced Moshi priestess and an unkown Yoritomo bushi. His mother not wanting him to follow in his father's rather shady footsteps sent him to Kyuden Ashinagabachi for training with the Tsuruchi. But the call of the sea pulled at the young man, and when the opportunities came, he jumped at the chance to learn the art of the sword and the ways of the sea.

The only thing slowing him down was the fact that he was plagued with misfortune. From the accidental death of the Yoritomo maiden whom he had fallen in love with, to many little accidents and inconvenientcies plaguing his every effort.

Eventually, he would learn that his father was notorious for attacking Crane ports, causing much misfortune for the heimin populations. Rokuro felt shame for this, but sought to strive to the examples of Yoritomo and Tsuruchi themselves to prove that one can succeed against all odds. [1]

Captain of The Legacy Edit

Two years after his gempukku, Rokuro was offered the captaincy of the kobune, The Legacy. Sent out to defend the seas against piracy, he made it his mission to defend the common fisherman and villager, no matter their clan. In his efforts, he clashed with the Crane a number of times, and even sank one of their ships, earning the label of pirate himself.

Rokuro did not care about his reputation himself, but continued to strive to protect the common people. The heimin who know of him hold him in high regard for his guardianship, and if they occasionally find a few extra koku after one of his visits, even more so. His efforts also gathered the attention of the Brotherhood of Shinsei, who also hold him in good regard. They offered their help when they could, all the while hoping that he might release himself of some of his negative qualities and move closer to enlightenment. [1]

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