Shiro Mori Kage

Mori Kage Castle

Shadow Forest was a deep wood forest, hidden in a twisting valley to the far north of the Empire, [1] near the Phoenix shore. In the year 304 a village was built nearby, and the forest shaded it for most of the day. The holding was named Morikage Toshi. [2]

Cursed Edit

In 782 the city was cursed, causing the the dark branches of the nearby trees stretched out and covered over half the city. Thick vines grew from the ground and crawled up the foundation, ruining the stability of the castle. Reports of walking shadows and restless ghosts began shortly thereafter, and within a week, Mori Kage Toshi had been all but abandoned. [2]

Hidden Emperor Edit

While the empire was searching Toturi, the Shadows played with the Clans. Many of the most important members of each clan were gathered to the forest, to allow the rescue of Toturi from Mori Kage Castle, who had been twisted by the Lying Darkness and he would be released to further chaos in the Empire, being the Emperor a madman. [3]

Known Clans and members gathered to Morikage Forest Edit


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