The Mokumokuren was a peculiar beast, because no one had ever seen its true form. It resided in the space between Ningen-do and Gaki-do, appearing in the ripped holes of a paper wall, [1] taking the form of a human in a red kimono. [2]

Appearence and Abilities[edit | edit source]

The mokumokuren appeared as a set of strange mystic eyes that peer out of holes in paper walls. Those who ever met its gaze, became a victim of the spirit, which attempted to mesmerize them, to feed on the human's mental energies. [1] Mokumokuren had a humanoid shape, comprimised of a thousand small, multicolored globes of scintillating light. When the ghost attacked his eyes would turn blood red. [3] The easiest way to banish a mokumokuren was to fix all the holes in the paper walls. It would simply move on in search of another ill-maintained wall. [1]

Defender[edit | edit source]

The mokumokuren occasionally showed itself to an enemy just before it slayed him, attacking with a ghostly katana while flying around to avoid its opponents' attacks. When it appeared in the dreams of those it protected, the mokumokuren wore a black mask to avoid frightening that person with was visage. [2]

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