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Miya Mai 
Born: 452 
Died: 495

Miya Maiwas an actress and playwright of the Miya family.

Actress Edit

Mai began writing plays when her unremarkable career as actress took a turn after a theater fire badly scarred her face and throat. [1]

Playwright Edit

She wrote the critically aclaimed play, The Emperor's Blessing in 472. Mai herself considered it "too tame" and only finished it because she needed payment from her patron. Despite the author's reservations, the play was widely recognized as her best work, and many imitations had followed over the years. [2] Three Stone River [3] and Tools of War were the titles of another of her plays. The great Scorpion playwright Shosuro Furuyari was said to had been particularly fond of Mai's writings, and owned several of her original manuscripts. [1]

Sunset Edit

Most of Mai's later plays were darkly comic and political, reflecting a cynical perception of life. Mai died in poverty due to the machinations of the powerful men and women whom she offended with her later works. [1]


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