Miya Herald

A Miya Herald

The Miya Heralds served a diplomatic function on the Emperor's behalf. They moved from place to place issuing decrees and serving as negotiators for the Emperor. [1] They were also called Shisha [2] and their symbol was the Horo, a wicker cloak. [3]

Training Edit

In the Dojo of the Righteous Word [4] they trained horsemanship, second only to Unicorn, diplomatic means of resolving conflict, and to wield the Imperial status. [1]

History Edit

When, the Emperor lay dying after the end of the War Against Fu Leng, Miya was entrusted by Hantei to bring the news of the victory to everyone. In every city Miya repaired and rebuilt what damage he could, gaining the trust and attention of the people. Miya's travel took months and he gathered followers in the journey. When he returned Miya was given his own family and the Miya Heralds were born. [1] The Miya family honored his founder with the Emperor's Blessing, funding a caravan of builders, artisans and shugenja who traveled to areas in Rokugan requiring assistance. [5]

Known Miya Herald Techniques Edit

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