Mirumoto Mountaineer

Mirumoto Mountaineer

The Mirumoto Mountaineers were those members of the Dragon Clan who had been specially trained to patrol the mountain lands of the Dragon. [1]

Training Edit

Those who join the Mountaineers in the Iron Mountain Dojo [2] were chosen for their athletic ability, their capacity to handle adverse terrain and their clarity of thought. Propective mountaineers were taken out into the most remote sections of the mountains by the sensei and trained there. They remained there for weeks or months at a time. Those candidates who would not survive on their own were quickly weeded out. [3]

Duties Edit

The Mountaineers were deployed as scouts during times of conflict, and in peacetime they patroled the harshest portions of the Dragon Clan's lands. The Moutaineers were often responsible for detecting and intercepting threats attempting to infiltrate into the lands of the Dragon Clan. The Mountaineers were tasked with observing and reporting activities and should the needs arise, delay any advancing foes. Their light and mobile nature meant they could frequently lead enemies into dangerous areas to gain advantages. Triggering avalanches or harassing enemies with archery fire were favored tactics. [3]

Assignments Edit

The Mountaineers were never used in time of war until the Clan Wars. [4] The Mountaineers were traditionally assigned to the Seventeenth through Twentieth Legions of the Dragon Clan Army. The reserves of these legions could be set up as mobile home bases, so patrols could be conducted from one point into several regions. [3]

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