Mirumoto Kaichi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Month of the Dragon of 1170 [1] 
Siblings: Hida Hachimoto

Mirumoto Kaichi was a bushi of the Dragon Clan.

Brother Edit

Kaichi's brother Hachimoto was fostered to the Crab Clan. [2] This was done to allow the Dragon to maintain a connection with the Crab, who are so distant from their lands that they might otherwise never interact. [3]

Death Edit

Kaichi was found death as he had committed seppuku in the summer of 1170, [4] following Hachimoto's death at the hands of Kakita Aichiko. [5]

Assasinated by Kazunori Edit

In truth Kaichi had been murdered by Yogo Kazunori, a mastermind who sought to lure the Emerald Magistrate Seppun Tashime to investigate on the brother's ancestors, which came from Agasha Kyoso, the infamous Dragon who summoned Kyoso no Oni. Kazunori knew a great threat, Kali-Ma, could destroy the Empire through her link with Kyoso, and manipulated many events to avoid it. Kaichi was a pawn who died for a greater good. [6]


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