Mimura (RPG)

Mimura: Village of Promises

Mimura: Village of Promises was an adventure module published for the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game. Although not technically an adventure, the plots and gaming hooks presented herein provide GMs with adventuring ideas and campaign seeds. It presented the village of Mimura which has no specific place on the map and does not owe fealty to any specific clan by default.

Credits Edit

Mimura 2


  • Layout by Brendon Goodyear and Steve Hough
  • Layout design by Steve Hough
  • Edited by D. J. Trindle
  • Cover Artwork by Carl Frank
  • Interior B&W Artwork by Paul H. Way and Jeff Wright
  • Art direction by Jim Pinto

Table of Contents Edit

Introduction (page 4) Edit


Tsuniko, the Yoriki

Using this Book (page 5) Edit

  • NPCs

History (page 6) Edit

  • The Hamlets
  • Farming
  • Climate
  • Local Customs

Celebrations in Mimura (page 7) Edit

Important NPCs (page 10) Edit

An Overview of Mimura (page 12) Edit

Mimura 3

Overview of Mimura

The Village of Mimura (page 22) Edit



Ronin Technique: Flight of Innocence
Jiujutsu Technique: Palm of Fury

NPCs (page 39) Edit

Bandit Lords

The Shinjo Magistrates

Monsters (page 44) Edit

Appendix (page 45) Edit

  • Cultural Nuances
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