Merchant's Guide to Rokugan

The Merchant's Guide to Rokugan

The Merchant's Guide to Rokugan was a source book for the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game. It details the operation of the Kolat, a secretive underground network of agents whose goal is to overthrow the Kami, so the humankind can choose their own fate.

Credits Edit

  • Game System by David Williams and John Wick
  • Art Director: Jennifer Wick and Raymond Lau
  • Cover Artwork: Cris Dornaus
  • Interior Artwork: Cris Callahan, Cris Dornaus, Val Mayerik, Brian Snoddy
  • Artwork Prepress: Brendon Goodyear, Steve Hough
  • Line Developer: Ree Soesbee
  • Line Editor: D.J. Trindle
  • Editing: D.J. Trindle, Patrick Kapera, Ree Soesbee
  • Interior Layout: Steve Hough, D.J. Trindle

Table of Contents Edit

Introduction (page 4) Edit

Oni's Eye 2

Kolat Masters using the Oni's Eye

Chapter One: History (page 8) Edit

Chapter Two: Purpose and Organization (page 24) Edit

  • Philosophy and Goals
  • Organization
    • The Ten Masters
    • The Active Agents
    • The Unknowing Accomplices
    • The Dupes
  • The Hidden Temple
    • The Oni's Eye

Chapter Three: Tactics and Enemies (page 38) Edit

Chapter Four: Your Campaign (page 64) Edit

  • Hunting the Conspiracy
    • Paranoia
    • Stopping an Operation
    • Getting Help
    • The Golden Rule: Don't Push Too Hard
  • They Want You
  • Heritage Tables

Chapter Five: Who is Who (page 82) Edit

The Ten Kolat Masters

The Ten Kolat Masters

Appendix: Templates (page 100) Edit

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