Matsu Atasuke

Matsu Atasuke

Matsu Atasuke was a bushi of the Lion Clan, shireikan of the Second Matsu Army. [1]

Matsu Domotai Edit

Atasuke fought beside Matsu Domotai many times. [2]

Sensei Edit

In 1160 Atasuke became the sensei to Sakura, the daughter of the Crane Clan Champion, Doji Kurohito. He trained her during five years at Shiro no Yojin. [2] [3]

Topaz Championship Edit

In 1165 Atasuke came to Tsuma with his student. Sakura won the Topaz Championship, passed her gempukku and chose the name of Doji Domotai, to honor the hero who fought with her sensei. [2]

New Station Edit

Atasuke was appointed in Castle of the Swift Sword, where he met Matsu Robun. [4]

Asahina Kikui Edit

Asahina Kikui was betrothed but her heart owned to Atasuke. The Lion knew nothing of Kikui's secret alliances or maho practices. Kikui knew Iuchiban was back at Rokugan, and she believed Atasuke would stand against the Heartless, and he would inevitably be destroyed unless she saved him. Kikui bargained the murder of Toku, the Monkey Clan Champion, and all his family, in return for Atasuke's safety. [5] Kikui failed, being vanished by Naka Tokei, the Grand Master of the Elements. [6] Atasuke only knew that his beloved Crane maiden [7] disappeared. Later Atasuke discovered the treasonous way his beloved had walked. [4]

Investigation of Fires of Toshi Ranbo Edit

In 1166 Atasuke was requested by Akodo Setai to aid him in a new quest, to evaluate what progress had been made by both Lion and Crane in discovering the truth of the Fires of Toshi Ranbo the might determine who, if anyone, has truly failed. The conclusion was that both Clans had failed. During the investigations they discovered a plot engineered by Ikoma Tsai to harm several members of the Imperial Court. The Crane and Lion arranged an agreement to cooperate in further investigations. [8]

Lion Estates Edit

In 1167 Atasuke was stationed on the Lion Estates at Toshi Ranbo. He spent his time with Doji Nagori, who had assisted Atasuke in trying to find someone when he first arrived the Imperial City and became good friends. They both enjoy falconry. [4]

War of Dark Fire Edit

In 1171 the Army of Fire assaulted Shiro Utaku. Nagori and Atasuke escorted the Empress Iweko I's private herd of Utaku steeds to the southern Ide lands during the Battle of Shiro Utaku. [9]

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