Master of the Swift Waves were shugenja who specialized in the knowledge of increasing movement without taxing resources. [1]

Founding Edit

The school was homed in the Floating Leaf Dojo at Shiro Ide, an advanced school of Iuchi Shugenja practice, able to move an entire army across an astonishingly large distance. The graduates served in the Unicorn armies, increasing the legendary Unicorn speed even further. [2]

Training Edit

The school wandered across the Unicorn lands to be in connection to nature, and the students and sensei resided in tents whenever they stopped for the night. Students of the Master of the Swift Waves School were often tested in the field by using his magic to help move the school. [2] They were fervent practitioners of Engaging the Wind and had become famed in the Unicorn lands for their duels conducted at breakneck speed. [3] Less than a dozen survived the Khan's Defiance. [4]

Known Technique Edit

Known Members Edit


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