Master Jade was the leader of the Jade Kolat sect.

Kaelung Edit

In 1166 Master Tiger organized a plot to assassinate Satsu and sent words to his Dragon agent Mirumoto Koshiro. The plot was uncovered by the Jade kolat member Kaelung who prevented the kidnapping of Misuko. The plot had been uncovered by Koshiro, who was not able to betray his Lord. In actuality Tiger created the plot so he could discover the extent of Satsu's foreseeing powers. Master Jade was not pleased about the use of one of his agents in the intrigue. [1]

Known Masters Edit

Yasuki Taka Edit

Yasuki Taka was Master Jade until his death in 1170 at the hands of Bayushi Tsimaru during the Scorpion attack on the Hidden Temple. It was unknown who, if anyone will succeed Taka. [2]


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