Mask of the Oni (RPG) Cover

Mask of the Oni Cover

Mask of the Oni was an adventure book for Fifth Edition of the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game under Fantasy Flight Games.

Synopsis Edit

When a group of samurai pursues a dangerous master of blood magic to the ruins of Daylight Castle, they discover a secret that could redeem or stain the honor of the Hiruma family forever. These samurai must overcome threats to both body and soul if they are going to halt a wicked plot that could bring about the doom of the Empire

Contents Edit

Mask of the Oni (page 2) Edit

Part One: Adventure Background (page 2) Edit

Part Two: Arriving at the Kaiu Wall (page 7) Edit

Part Three: Into the Shadowlands (page 10) Edit

Part Four: Shadow of Daylight (page 16) Edit

Daylight Castle (TCG) 3

Daylight Castle

  • Approaching Shiro Hiruma
  • Entering Shiro Hiruma
  • Exploring Shiro Hiruma
  • Helpful Dreams
  • On Kitsu Sokori's Trail
  • Encountering Sokori
  • Gathering the Keys
  • Sokori's Objective

Part Five: Final Confrontation (page 26) Edit

  • Kitsu Sokori
  • Atsumari no Oni
  • The Souls of the Fallen Hiruma
  • The Course of the Battle

Part Sixth: The Aftermath (page 31) Edit

Credits (page 31) Edit

  • Expansion Design and Development: Tim Cox and Alexis Dykema
  • Writing and Additional Development: D. G. Laderoute and Maxime Lemaire
  • Editing: Christine Crabb
  • Proofreading: Janie Franz and David Johnson
  • Managing RPG Producer: Sam Gregor-Stewart
  • Legend of the Five Ring Story Review: Katrina Ostrander and Tyler Parrot
  • Expansion Graphic Design: Sebastián Koziner and Michael Silsby
  • Graphic Design Coordinator: Joseph D. Olson
  • Graphic Design Manager: Cristopher Hosch
  • Front Cover Art: Mathias Kollros
  • Back Cover Art: Daria Khlebnikova
  • Interior Art: Apterus, Francesca Baerald, John Anthony Di Giovanni, Stanislav Dikolenko, Daria Khlebnikova, Axel Sauerwald
  • Art Direction: Andrew Christensen and Preston Stone
  • Managing Art Director: Melissa Shetler
  • Quality Assurance Director: Andrew Janeba and Zach Tewalthomas
  • Production Management: Jason Glawe and Dylan Tierney
  • Visual Creative Director: Brian Schomburg
  • Senior Project Manager: John Franz-Wichlacz
  • Senior Manager of Project Development: Chris Gerber
  • Executive Game Designer: Corey Konieczka
  • Publisher: Andrew Navaro
  • Playtesters: Gavin Duffy, Martin Flanagan, Cole Hanton, Ian Houlihan, Tim Huckelbery, Michael Hurrell, Evangelen Lee, Michael Molyneaux, James O'Connor, Brandon Perdue
Mask of the Oni map


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