Mantis Fleet

Mantis fleet

The Mantis Clan fleet was organized into three fleets known as the First, Second and Third Storms. When the clan was wronged, the Storm comes for their enemies. [1] A Fourth Storm was added later. [2]

Conflicts Edit

The Mantis mobilized their full fleets four times. The first was during the Battle of the Raging Sea, the second was during the Clan War, the third time was the War of Fire and Thunder, and the fourth was the Mantis-Crane War in the Colonies. [3]

War of Fire and Thunder Edit

In 1167 the three fleets sailed to the Isawa coast, in the Battle of Broken Waves. [4] While the Mantis fleet was fighting against the Shiba Army, the Dark Wave Fleet entered the fray by attacking both sides. Finding a common enemy, the Phoenix and Mantis turned on the corrupted Mantis as one destroying the vast majority of the Dark Wave's vessels. [5]

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