Mantis Civil War 
No One Wins
Location: Kyuden Gotei
Date: 1159 - 1160
Major Forces: Mantis Clan
Generals: Yoritomo Kumiko, Yoritomo Kitao, Settozai
Battles of Rokugan

The Mantis Civil War came about following the death of Yoritomo Aramasu and the revelation of a true heir of Yoritomo.

The Two Champions Edit

Yoritomo Kitao and Yoritomo Kumiko both laid claim to the title of Mantis Clan Champion. Kitao, being older and more entrenched in the clan's hierarchy, had already served as Clan Champion for a time when Kumiko challenged her for the Championship. To support their claims, they each privately sought the recognition of the Emperor Toturi III. Though Kumiko had the stronger claim by right of direct descent from Yoritomo, she was also Tainted from birth, which posed a severe political problem. The Emperor agreed to support whoever could bring an end to the conflict. [1]

Kumiko Moved First Edit

In 1159 Kumiko, Yoritomo Komori and Yoritomo Kamoto led the Yoritomo Elite Guard, fighting Kitao's supporters as the Storm Legion and the newly appointed Elite commander, Yoritomo Ikemoto, seizing Kyuden Gotei. It was a open movement in the Mantis Civil War. [2] Kitao's headquarters moved to Toshi no Inazuma. [3]

Kitao Counterattack Edit

In 1160 Kitao launched an attack on Kumiko at her home in Kyuden Gotei in the hopes of settling the matter quickly and decisively. After a fierce battle, however, it was Kumiko who defeated Kitao in personal combat. The Mantis Nightmare, Settozai the Onisu of Larceny, was revealed to have exacerbated the situation through its vessel, the shugenja Ishada. Kumiko slew the Onisu, cleansing herself of her inborn Taint in the process. The ronin brotherhood of Tainted, the Unbroken, had developed a secret method to accomplish this, and taught it to her when she went to them as a youth for training to resist the Taint. [1]

Conclusion Edit

Thereafter Kumiko, "Daughter of Storms," was recognized as the Mantis Clan Champion. Kumiko spared Kitao's life, unwilling to see more bloodshed within her clan, though this move was considered unwise by some. Kitao would become corrupted in the Rain of Blood a few years later, [4] and the two would ultimately clash again at the War of Fire and Thunder in 1167 resulting in the death of both. [5]


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