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A Maho-tsukai was a shugenja who practiced maho, or blood magic.

Strenghtening[edit | edit source]

Maho-tsukai learned their abilities from another maho-user, from an oni, or in rare cases through a spontaneous blood sacrifice and prayer to Fu Leng. Those who were non-shugenja could cast only maho spells. [1]

Chased[edit | edit source]

The Kuni Witch Hunter was devoted to finding and destroying the maho practitioners. They tested any suspected of maho with their jade pendants, followed with forcing them to swallow jade powder, and the last test was the most unexpected, the Hunter bound their hands and feet with a cord. The Maho-tsukai could not endure to be bound, becoming mad and exposing themselves. [2]

Necromancers[edit | edit source]

Necromancers were maho-tsukai who were especially skilled at creating undead from dead bodies, commanding skeletons and zombies to do their unholy bidding. [3] Notable necromancers included Isawa Tanayama [4] (even known simply as "The Necromancer" [5]) and Kuni Yori. [citation needed]

The Necromancer

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