Lotus Sword of the Crab, Kettei

The Lotus Swords were the last gift to Rokugan of Xing Guo, the Fortune of Steel. They were given to the Jade Champion Asahina Sekawa to be distributed to worthy samurai of each Great Clan, one for the nezumi, and the final of them had to be gifted to the Dark Lord, Daigotsu. [1]

Xing Guo left Rokugan and the Heavens Edit

In 1167 Xing Guo crafted these ten blades so that the heroes of the Empire could carve out their own futures. He went to explore the Realm of Lost Heroes, Maigo no Musha, in mourning for Rosoku's death. He would not return to the Celestial Heavens again, nor offer mortals any further aid. These were his final gifts to mankind. [1]

Item Created By First Used By Currently Used By
Lotus Sword of the Crab Clan (Kettei) Xing Guo Hida Daizu Crab Clan
Lotus Sword of the Crane Clan (Tomodachi) Xing Guo Asahina Sekawa Asahina Sekawa
Lotus Sword of the Dragon Clan (Yogen) Xing Guo Mirumoto Ryosaki Mirumoto Kei
Lotus Sword of the Lion Clan (Daitan) Xing Guo Akodo Sadahige Akodo Sadahige
Lotus Sword of the Mantis Clan (Shori) Xing Guo Yoritomo Bunmei Yoritomo Bunmei
Lotus Sword of the Phoenix Clan (Kyoryoku) Xing Guo Shiba Naoya Shiba Naoya
Lotus Sword of the Scorpion Clan (Shinjitsu) Xing Guo Shosuro Yudoka Shosuro Jimen
Lotus Sword of the Unicorn Clan (Jiyu) Xing Guo Akasha Akasha
Lotus Sword of the Nezumi (Asatte) Xing Guo Chi'kel Chi'kel
Lotus Sword of the Shadowlands (Nokemono) Xing Guo Daigotsu Daigotsu Eiya


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