The following is a brief overview of the major events during the twelve centuries of Rokugani history:

First century Formation of Rokugan. War Against Fu Leng
Second century Formation of the Imperial Legions and Emerald Magistrates. the last remaining Kami disappear.
Third century Gisei Toshi assumed destroyed. The Brotherhood of Shinsei divides into sects.
Fourth century Crane-Crab War. Rise of the Gozoku.
Fifth century Downfall of the Gozoku. Gaijin are forever banned from Rokugan following the Battle of White Stag.
Sixth century The first rise of Iuchiban and the Battle of Stolen Graves. Bayushi Tesaguri sells three Black Scrolls to the Phoenix Clan, then is the first soul imprisoned in Traitor's Grove.
Seventh century Creation of the Articles of Heaven and Subtlety of Court. First rise of the Kusatte Iru.
Eighth century Battle of the Cresting Wave, creation of the Kaiu Wall, and loss of the Hiruma family lands. Second rise of Iuchiban and the Battle of Sleeping River.
Ninth century Return of the Ki-Rin. Creation of the Dark Moto and the White Guard.
Tenth century Downfall and destruction of the Shimizu family
Eleventh century A century of relative peace.
Twelfth century The Clan War and Second Day of Thunder. Ascension of Hitomi and Yakamo. War of Spirits. Heaven and Earth. Fall of Toturi Dynasty, and rise of the Iweko Dynasty. Destroyer War. The Age of Conquest begins.
Thirteenth century Unknown.
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