Since the beginning of the Lion Clan, the Lion Clan Champion was normally a member of the Akodo family. This changed of necessity when the family was dissolved by Hantei XXXIX following the Scorpion Coup. Since then, the line of succession has been unclear.

The Non-Akodo ChampionsEdit

Prior to the Scorpion Coup and the disbanding of the Akodo family, the Akodo daimyo had always been the Clan Champion, except on a few rare occasions. [1]

The first such occasion was the Battle of White Stag, when the Lion Clan Champion had surrounded the Emperor to protect him as he made his way to parley with the gaijin. The entire group was killed when a volley of gaijin weapons fired upon them. The Emperor's uncle took command of the Empire and the daimyo of the Matsu family was called to serve as the Champion, as the Akodo were demoralized and only wives and young children remained. The Matsu Champion, Matsu Zaruko, ruled the Lion for 16 years, and became known as the "White Lioness" because of her pale complexion. [2]

The second such Champion is said to be a false tale, created by members of the Scorpion Clan to gain access to the Lion courts. According to the story, there was once a Lion Champion who died without an heir, and no clear line of succession could be found. For years, the clan was ruled by an Ikoma regent, until a true line of inheritance could be found. The Ikoma themselves have no record of any such regent, and dispute the accuracy of this story. [3]

The third non-Akodo Champion was Matsu Itagi. Itagi was an enemy of the Crab Clan and a fierce supporter of the Emperor. In a bold move, Itagi rode alone into the heart of the Shadowlands, seeking to destroy the dark realm. He died defending the Empire, and his shrine is located at the northern border of Crab Clan lands beside that of Hida Tadaka. [3]

Lion Succession Edit

Of the four reigning Champions since the Scorpion Coup, two were of the Matsu family, creating the closest claim the Lion currently have to a dynastic succession, although this certainly is not a rule (although including Ikoma Otemi, there have been as many Champions from the Ikoma family as the Matsu). There has not been a line of succession for the Lion since Akodo Toturi took the place of his fallen brother, and there will not be until the son of the former Champion, Matsu Nimuro, takes the throne. [citation needed]

Matsu Nimuro Edit

Ikoma Otemi merely acted as a regent for the Championship until Nimuro's son reaches his gempukku. This will be the establishment of a succession for the Championship, not Nimuro's ascension following the Championship of Matsu Tsuko. Firstly, there were two Champions in between Tsuko and Nimuro, including Kitsu Motso, the longest-serving Champion since Akodo himself. Secondly, Nimuro's claim on the Championship was not purely dynastic, as Matsu Ketsui, his mother, was in the line of succession before him. [citation needed]

Current State Edit

The Lion had not had stable leadership since the Akodo were disbanded, even after the family was restored following the ascension of Hitomi and the naming of the Lying Darkness. The Lion had become more of a meritocracy; the new Champion was either named by the old Champion, or chosen by consensus of the various
family daimyo. After their return to the clan, there had not been another Akodo Champion until Akodo Shigetoshi became the successor of Matsu Yoshino. [4] [citation needed]

Known Lion Champions Edit

Akodo (c. 5) - 99
Akodo Tokoyama (2nd century)
Akodo Hiyorimi (c. 170)
Akodo Gempachi (c. 172)
Akodo Mitsuyuki  ? - 401
Matsu Itagi 401 - 412
Akodo Kurojin  ? - 442
Matsu Zaruko 442 - 458
Akodo Meikuko  ? - 509
Akodo Yoshiki (c. 589)
Akodo Toru  ? - Early 6th century
Akodo Ikuo Early 6th century - ?
Akodo Ieyatsu  ? - 518
Akodo Kento 518 - 535
Akodo Renzu 535 - ?
Akodo Shakato (c. 582)
Akodo Akihisa 7th century
Akodo Masahisa  ? - 665
Matsu Ikuko 665 - 668 (Acting Champion)
Akodo Kenburo 668 - 678
Masahisa's cousin 678 - ?
Akodo Fuso  ? - 716
Akodo Gaijuko (c. 750)
Akodo Ikasu (c. 815)
Matsu Goratu (Half of 10th century)
Akodo Toturi's Uncle  ? - 1120
Akodo Toturi 1120 - 1123
Matsu Tsuko 1123 - 1128
Ikoma Tsanuri 1128 - 1133
Kitsu Motso 1133 - 1150
Matsu Nimuro 1150 - 1165
Tamago 1165 - 1166
Ikoma Otemi 1166 - 1168 (Acting Champion)
Matsu Yoshino 1168 - 1170
Akodo Shigetoshi 1170 - 1175
Akodo Shinjiro 1175 - 1198
Akodo Dairuko 1198 - Present

Unknown Dates Edit

The following were Lion Clan Champions, but the dates of their reigns are not recorded.


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