Legion of Two Thousand

The Legion of Two Thousand

The Legion of Two Thousand was a highly trained, capable military unit which acted in the bests interests of Rokugani people.

Creation Edit

It was created by the Emperor Toturi. [1] After the Clan War Toturi saw the Great Clans could not be trusted in the absence of a clear authority. The lack of this authority would also prevent the Imperial Legions from his purpose of maintain order. He created a small, quick unit, and free of any clan-specific agenda. [2]

Original Members Edit

Legion of Two Thousand 2

The Legion of Two Thousand

Two thousand samurai made up the Legion, the majority were ronin, but there were also samurai of the Great and Minor Clans. The first commander was Kitsu Motso. [2] However, it was Motso's subordinate, the ronin Kado, who actually issued the orders. [3]

Duty Edit

The Legion answered only to the Emperor and the Emerald Champion, and few highest ranking Imperial officers. It patrolled the Empire, intervening whenever stability was threatened. The Legion was frequently broken up into smaller groups and deployed throughout the Empire in the places were existed threats or conflicts. [2]

Dojo Edit

The Thousand Leaves Dojo trained up the new recruits of the Legion. [4]

Known Techniques and Feats Edit

History Edit

Reign of Toturi Edit

The Legion fought against the Lying Darkness, defended the Kaiu Wall during the Battle of Oblivion's Gate, held the line against the invading Yobanjin tribes until Toturi Tsudao and the Imperial Legions arrived, [2] and some accounts claimed it was the Legion that finally killed the infamous bandit lord Yugoro. [3]

Rebuilding Edit

In the Four Winds struggling the Legion was scattered. It was rebuilt in 1168 secretly funded by Shinjo Shono through the former Unicorn Natsume. His first fight was against bandits at Doko Maru. They did not know that these bandits were led by Kokujin, the Prophet of the Dark Lotus, who fled before he was recognized. [4] The abandoned Palace of the Breaking Dawn housed the rebuilt Legion. [5]

Hunting Kokujin Edit

The Legion joined the army another ronin, Osami, had assembled against the mad Ise Zumi. They defeated the revolutionaries army shortly before the death of Kokujin in 1169. [6]

The Legion finds a home Edit

In 1170 the Legion threw their support behind the Lion Clan's bid in the Race for the Throne, and in return they were deployed in Toku Torid-e. The Minor Clans were already being considered a resource by other clans, and their holdings would eventually be seized. The Lion did not like it would happen, to honor Toku, the friend of Akodo Toturi. [7] They reinforced the defenders of Kyuden Ikoma alongside with a ronin band called Hidden Sword. [8] Smaller organizations as the Wolf Legion had joined the Two Thousand. [9]

Lost Traveller Castle Edit

Lost Traveler Castle was the main base for the Legion operations in the northern Empire. [10]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1172 the Lioness Legion put to ground a potential insurrection within the Lion Clan's easternmost provinces. It was claimed the threat originated from within the ranks of the Legion of Two Thousand, which could not be proved. [11]

Karatsu, the Tyrant Edit

Unknown Enemy Edit

A detachment of the Legion was being assaulted by an unseen enemy through Earth magic in the Mountains of Regret, when crossing the Treacherous Pass. The arrival of a joint force of Hiruma Stalkers, Kitsuki Justicars, and Ikoma Wardens halted the attack. [12] [9] [13] It was later known the attack had been led by the ronin Karatsu, a tyrant who was seeking his son Kuronada to kill him. [9]

Battle at the Palace of Breaking Dawn Edit

Later Karatsu attacked again, and now allied with the Dark Oracle of Fire. In the Siege of the Wolves [14] the Great Clans and sohei of the Spider Clan saved the day to the Legion. [15] [16] [9]

Joining the Imperial Legions Edit

Legion Charter

The Legion's Charter

After the Destroyer War the Legion was granted with an Imperial Charter, and their function became as an extension of the Imperial Legions, enforcing the law of the Empress Iweko I and answerable to her and the Empress' Chosen, as proclaimed by the Voice of the Empress. [17] This effectively gave the Legion of Two Thousand the same status as the First Imperial Legion, producing deep rivalry and enmity between the two organizations. [18]

Second Pit Edit

Near the end of the 12th century the Legion accepted a contract to relieve one of the Scorpion Clan's units at the Second Pit. [19]

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