Legend of the Five Rings Third Edition Revised

Legend of the Five Rings: Third Edition Revised

Legend of the Five Rings: Third Edition Revised was the revised core rulebook for Third Edition of the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game.

Credits Edit

  • Writing: Rich Wulf, Shawn Carman, Seth Mason, Brian Yoon, Fred Wan.
  • Editor: D.J. Trindle, Katie Yates.
  • Additional Work: Rob Vaux.
  • Creative Director: Mark Jelfo.
  • Art Director: Jim Pinto
  • Graphic Designer: Nate Barnes, Mario Rivas, Rodney Saenz.
  • Cover Artist: Nate Barnes.
  • Interior Artists: Christopher Appel, Steve Argyle, Matthew S. Armstrong, Drew Baker, Beet, John Donahue, Al Eremin, Carl Frank, David Hudnut, Llyn Hunter, Hugh Jamieson, April Lee, Michael Kaluta, Michael Komarck, Malcolm McClinton, Tony Moseley, Lee Moyer, William O'Connor, Jim Pavelec, Brad Williams.
  • Cartographer: Bertrand Bess
  • Chief of Operations: Maureen Yates.
  • Brand Manager: Raymond Lau.
  • Production Manager: Mary Valles.
  • Original Concept: John Zinser.

Contents Edit

Book of Earth (page 4)Edit

Yoritomo Naizen 1

Yoritomo Naizen

Book of Water (page 80)Edit

Book of Fire (page 164)Edit

  • Basic Die Rolls
    • "Exploding" Dice
    • Ten Dice
  • Types of Rolls
    • Skill Rolls
    • Raw Trait Rolls
    • Raw Ring Rolls
    • Spell Casting
    • Contested Rolls
    • Combat
  • Raises
    • What is a Raise?
  • TN Modifiers
    • Blinded
    • Darkness
    • Deafened
    • Going Without Sleep
    • Going Without Air
  • Poison and Disease
    • Specific Poisons/Diseases
  • Metsubishi
    • Poison Metsubishi
    • Crafted Metsubishi
    • Improvised Metsubishi
  • Void Points
    • Other Uses for Void Points
  • Combat Resolution
    • Skirmishes
    • The Combat Round
    • Attack and Defense
    • Wounds
    • Healing
    • Combat Postures
    • What Can I Do In A Round?
    • Raises
    • TN Modifiers
  • Special Combat Situations
    • Grappling
    • Iaijutsu Duels
    • Ranged Attacks
    • Unarmed Combat
  • Armor
  • Weapons
  • Miscellaneous Items
    • Clothing and Accessories
  • Item Quality
  • Glory and Status
    • Status
    • Glory
  • Honor
    • Honor Losses and Gains
    • Other Aspects of Honor
  • Kata
  • Mass Battle
    • Resolving Battles
    • Step One: Declaration
    • Step Two: Tides of Battle
    • Step Three: Determination
    • Step Four: Resolution
    • Special Rules: Naval Battle
    • Special Rules: Fighting in the Shadowlands
    • After the Battle
    • Battle Opportunities
  • Experience and Character Progression
    • Experience Points
    • Characer Progression
    • Awarding Experience Points

Book of Air (page 224)Edit

Chuda Hiroe

Chuda Hiroe

Book of Void (page 288)Edit

Maps Edit

Rokugan 3rd Edition


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