The following divisions are greatly arbitrary, and generally reflect similarities in titles. The sub-sections are either alphabetized or in chronological order, whichever makes more sense for the section in question. The "Way of" section is alphabetical for the Great Clans, then chronological for the following releases.

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Clan War Series Edit

  • The Scorpion by Stephen D. Sullivan (July 2000)
  • The Unicorn by Allison Lassieur (September 2000)
  • The Crane by Ree Soesbee (November 2000)
  • The Phoenix by Stephen D. Sullivan (March 2001)
  • The Crab by Stan Brown (June 2001)
  • The Dragon by Ree Soesbee (September 2001)
  • The Lion by Stephen D. Sullivan (November 2001)

The Four Winds Saga Edit

  • The Steel Throne by Edward Bolme (March 2002)
  • Wind of Honor by Ree Soesbee (August 2002)
  • Wind of War by Jess Lebow, Ree Soesbee (December 2002)
  • Wind of Justice by Rich Wulf (June 2003)
  • Wind of Truth by Ree Soesbee (December 2003)

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