Legend of the Five Rings - Roleplaying (Core Rulebook) cover

Legend of the Five Rings - Roleplaying (Core Rulebook) cover

Legend of the Five Rings - Roleplaying is the core rulebook for the Fifth Edition of the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game, under Fantasy Flight Games.

Credits Edit

  • Special thanks to Nikki Arcand, Kory Hook, Josh M. Lease, Ryan Lee, Tyler Parrott, Costya Perepelitsa, Jim Quam, and Chris Weinberg
  • Original Legend of the Five Rings game and property created and designed by John Wick and David Williams.

Contents Edit

Credits (page 2)Edit

Table of Contents (page 3)Edit

Introduction (page 6)Edit

Chapter 1: Playing the Game (page 20)Edit

Rokugan (TCG) 2

Map of Rokugan

  • Goals of the Game
  • Custom Dice
  • Making a Check
  • Additional Rules for Checks
  • Using Opportunity
  • Using Strife
  • Compromised
  • The Character

Chapter 2: Creating a Character (page 40)Edit

  • The Game of Twenty Questions
  • Part I: Core Identity (Clan and Family)
  • Part II: Role and School
  • Part III: Honor and Glory
  • Part IV: Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Part V: Personality and Behavior
  • Part VI: Ancestry and Family
  • Part VII: Death
  • Experience Points and Character Advancement
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Using Advantages and Disadvantages in Play
  • Specific Advantages
  • Specific Disadvantages
  • Creating Custom Advantages and Disadvantages

Chapter 3: Skills (page 140)Edit

Chapter 4: Techniques (page 171)Edit

Chapter 5: Equipment (page 228)Edit

Armor (TCG)


  • Samurai and Money
  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Item Qualities
  • Personal Effects

Chapter 6: Scenes and Conflicts (page 246)Edit

  • Game Sessions
  • Scenes
    • Narrative Scenes
    • Downtime Scenes
    • Conflict Scenes
  • Intrigues
  • Duels
  • Skirmishes
  • Silhouette, Range Bands, and Terrain
  • Harm and Healing
  • Conditions
  • Mass Battles

Chapter 7: The Game Master (page 281)Edit

  • The Role of the GM
  • Running the Game
  • Using Social Attributes
  • Alternative Campaign Styles

Chapter 8: Non-Player Characters (page 308)Edit

Undead (TCG)


  • NPC Profile Breakdown
  • Sample NPCs

Index (page 333) Edit

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