Game Master's Guide; 2nd Edition

Game Master's Guide: Second Edition

Legend of the Five Rings: Second Edition: Game Master's Guide was the Game Master's core rulebook for Second Edition of the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game.

Contents Edit

Chapter One: Void (page 6)Edit

Geography of Rokugan in 1125

Geography of Rokugan in 1125

Chapter Two: Within (page 60)Edit

Locations of Rokugan in 1125

Locations of Rokugan in 1125

Tsuruchi Bounty Hunter 2

Tsuruchi Bounty Hunter

Chapter Three: Without (page 114) Edit

Goblin 2


Chapter Four: Bushido (page 152) Edit

Appendix: All and Nothing (page 216) Edit

  • Charts
  • Items and Trinkets
  • Interesting NPCs
  • Encounters
  • Events
  • The Shadowlands
  • Creating Oni
  • Bandit Creation Table
  • Mastery Levels of Previously Published Spells
  • The Battle Table
  • Character Option Compilation - Skills
  • Character Option Compilation - Advantages
  • Character Option Compilation - Disadvantages
  • Notes for Character Option Compilation
  • Index
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