Legacy of Disaster cover

Legacy of Disaster cover

Legacy of Disaster was a free adventure that previewed the forthcoming Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game, Fourth Edition.

Table of Contents Edit

Quickstart Rules (page 2) Edit

  • Basic Mechanics: the Roll & Keep System
  • Target Numbers
  • Void Points
  • Raises

The Combat Round (page 4) Edit

  • Definition of Terms
  • Sequence of Events
  • Attack & Defense
  • Wounds
  • Stances
  • Actions
  • Maneuvers

Adventure Module: Legacy of Disaster (page 8) Edit

Legacy of Disaster back

Legacy of Disaster back

Pre-generated Characters (page 16) Edit

Credits (page 32) Edit

  • Written by: Shawn Carman, Robert Hobart, Jim Pinto, & Brian Yoon
  • RPG Rules Team: Dace, Mason Crawford, Aaron Rubman
  • Art Director: Todd Rowland
  • Graphic Design: Edge Entertainment
  • Artists: Ed Cox, Jason Engle, Esabra Studio, Carl Frank, Andy Hepworth, David Horne, Michael Komarck, April Lee, IFS, Veronica V Jones
  • Production Manager: David Lepore
  • Senior Brand Manager: Todd Rowland
  • Chieff Executive Officer: John Zinser
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