While the Emperor was the the head of the Shintao religion, the head of the Four Temples was traditionally considered the de facto leader of the Brotherhood, and its voice in the courts. [1]

Sharing the secret Edit

They knew that Shinsei's descendant lived, and only to make themselves known when it became necessary to gather the Thunders once more, but he was not aware of his identity. [2]

New Fortunes Edit

In 597 the new Emperor Hantei XVII issued an Imperial edict that granted the Head of the Brotherhood of Shinsei to formally announce any new Fortune selected by the Emperor when the head monk could find an 'auspicious time to do so.' This definition was made to file away dishonorable or frivolous requests indefinitely, as those made by late Hantei XVI, like the Fortune of Dung or the Fortune of Torture. [3]

Known Heads of the Brotherhood Edit

Gaman (c. 428)
Tetsuya  ? - 1128
Takao 1128 - 1153 (Position left vacant)
Hoshi  ? - 1159
Shoan 1159 - 1166
Tanari 1166 - ?
Yasuki Jinn-Kuen (c. 1199) - Present


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