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Week 33, 2007


Kisada is the Fortune of Persistence, as named by Emperor Toturi I. In life he was Crab Clan Champion Hida Kisada. Kisada married Hida Tsuriko. The couple had two sons, Hida Yakamo and Hida Sukune, and one daughter Hida O-Ushi. In addition, his younger brother was Hida Tsuru and Hida Amoro was his nephew. Kisada was known as the "Great Bear", and he was one of the strongest, and certainly the largest samurai in Rokugan. (More...)

Week 32, 2007

Grove of the Five Masters

Time in Rokugan is measured in several ways. The seasons are the most obvious division of time, as the weather in Rokugan switches from oppressive heat during the summer months to crippling snow in the winter. A more formal system of months and days also exists, dividing the year into twelve months of 28 days. Additionally, the years themselves can be counted in two different systems: the Emperor's Right, which refers to the year of the reign of the Emperor and is the official method of recording the passage of time; and the Isawa Calendar, which measures the number of years since the founding of Gisei Toshi, Isawa's city. (More...)

Week 31, 2007

Moto Chagatai 5

Moto Chagatai is the grandson of Moto Gaheris and is the current Unicorn Clan Champion. His father, also named Gaheris, was killed in battle with Hida Tsuneo's forces during the War of Spirits. Chagatai has long sought a greater deal of respect for his clan from the rest of Rokugan as a whole, and to the surprise of many is more than willing to achieve that respect through force of arms. (More...)

Week 30, 2007

Tomb of the Seven Thunders

The Artifacts of the Tomb of the Seven Thunders were recovered by members of each of the Great Clans of Rokugan as well as the Nezumi and Lost from the Tomb of the Seven Thunders during the Battle of the Tomb in 1168. The group who entered the tomb left with several nemuranai and historical artifacts and brought these back to their respective people. It is theorized that these items may have been placed in the Tomb by Shinsei himself to guide the groups to their destinies. (More...)

Week 29, 2007

Moto Chagatai 5

The Truest Test, Part 3 is a fiction written as a collaboration by the entire Story Team. It was first released on the Samurai Edition Website on the 18th of May 2007 as the third and concluding part of a three part story. (More...)

Week 28, 2007

Asako Toshi

The Asako Henshin are a monastic order unique to the Asako family. They study the mysteries of the Path of Man, as passed down to them from Asako herself. Asako gained the knowledge from Shiba, who came to speak with her through his son after he died defending the original Seven Thunders. They gain great power through knowledge of riddles to which the universe itself responds. (More...)

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