The Kyuden Miya Dojo was the dojo of the Miya family. The Miya were the voice of the Emperor, and were descendants of the herald who traveled Rokugan with the news of Fu Leng's defeat after the War Against Fu Leng. Since then, the family had brought proclamations from the Emperors to the people of Rokugan. They were neither bushi nor courtiers, yet must be both, for the lands they traveled were as perilous as the tempers of men. [1]

Training Edit

The Miya Heralds were also known as Shisha, and were trained in the basics of combat. The emphasis of the school was however in horsemanship and diplomacy. These skills had served the family more over the centuries than the arts of war. A common saying among the Miya was that there were no Miya heroes. [1]

Notable Sensei Edit


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