Kyuden Miya

Kyuden Miya

The Miya family Palace (A1), farther away from the Emperor than any of the other Imperial Families, sat nestled among Spine of the World Mountains, just north of Plain of Thunder, [1] equidistant between Shiro Iuchi and Shiro no Soshi. [2]

Appearance Edit

Kyuden Miya 2

Kyuden Miya (A1)

Kyuden Miya was small, especially for the palace of an Imperial Family. It was only two stories, and encompassed a dozen rooms and a small garden. [3] Later it was modified to a three stories tall, with a broad-based, and a squat keep in a solid style surrounded by a stone wall. [4] The Miya used the vast plains in their holdings to raise and train a massive herd of exceptional riding horses, many descended from a handful of bloodlines given them by the Unicorn shortly after that clan's return to the Empire. [5]

Kyuden Hantei Edit

A second small castle, reserved for the Emperor and his entourage, stood to the northeast of the Miya's own keep, unofficially known as ‘Kyuden Hantei’. [4]

The Miya Library Edit

The Miya were the Emperor's heralds and diplomats. The palace was famous for it's extensive records on heraldry and personal mons of both great an minor clans. [1] The Miya Library was the third-largest library in the Empire. [4]

Shrines Edit

On either side of the castle stood the Eastern Temple, dedicated to the Sun, and the Western Temple, dedicated to the Moon. [4]

Great Clan Rooms Edit

Kyuden Miya had one room set aside for six Great Clans at Winter Court but never added a place for the children of Shinjo after the return of the Unicorn Clan, who used their own yurts when required. [4]

Emperor's Blessing Edit

Once per year the Miya funded the Emperor's Blessing, a caravan of builders, artisans and shugenja who traveled to areas in Rokugan requiring assistance. They repaired landmarks, built schools and other good deeds. [1]

History Edit

Winter Court - 1158 Edit

In 1158 Kyuden Miya hosted a Winter court of the Four Winds. This event was marred by tragedy when Miya Gensaiken revealed Usagi Fuyuko to be a Pekkle no Oni in disguise. [6]

New Imperial Court Edit

During the Four Winds struggle the Court had been spread in four different minor courts, one for each wind. In 1160 Miya Shoin and Ide Tadaji rebuilt the Imperial Court at the neutral place of Kyuden Miya, as a obliged step prior to the upcoming Emperor. [7]

Fall of Kyuden Miya Edit

In 1200 an horde of ogres, goblins, oni, and other Shadowlands creatures appeared from the Shinomen Forest under the command of the rebellious Spider Clan Champion Daigotsu Kanpeki, storming Kyuden Miya. [8]

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