Kyuden Masiko was a rose-marble palace, home of the Kami Hida and his family. [1]

Seized by the Crab Edit

In the Dawn of the Empire, Hida encountered the palace, overlooking the southernmost ocean shore. A woman named Masiko, told him this palace once belonged to her family, but now it was ruled by a hungry orochi and the tribes fearfully sacrificed young girls to appease it. Hida and his followers hatched a plan to defeat the beast. The Crab Kami recalled a rice wine that originated from Sakkaku, used by his parents in the Heavens, a potion that intoxicated the mind and befuddled the senses. When the day came for another sacrifice, the orochi plunged its head into a barrel of this brew planted by Hida. At that moment the Kami severed the orochi's neck before its idled senses could detect him. Hida took the palace as his own, naming it “Kyuden Masiko” in honor of the woman who had captured his heart. [2]

Masiko's Death Edit

During the War Against Fu Leng it fell in the year 42 to the Shadowlands while the Seven Thunders were traveling to confront the Dark Kami, and Hida was fighting 50 miles to the south of his palace. Hida's wife, Hida Masiko, committed jigai with her kaiken once all the samurai defending the palace had fallen, and her last act was to set the palace ablaze. [3]


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