Black Finger River

The Black Finger River (LLL) ran deep into the Shadowlands, where its waters became dark and stagnant, twisted by the dark magic surrounding it. Unwholesome plants grew along the river's banks, and beneath the surface there were frightening monstrosities. Any human or oni that ever fell in never came out again. It was the furthest any Rokugani had ever gone into the Shadowlands and survived. [1] The river split off from the River of the Last Stand, [2] and ended in the Forbidden Lake. [3] Kuroi Yubi Kawa was called by the Crab Clan the River of No Return. [4]

Strongly Tainted[edit | edit source]

It was said that the Taint was so strong here that anyone daring to cross the river was rendered immediately mad and would dive in the river, to an instant death, [5] losing their souls, being cast forever into the Festering Pit of Fu Leng and became raving madmen. [6] Any who drank its waters became tainted, and jade offered no protection against this effect. [7]

Point of No Return[edit | edit source]

Black Finger River and River of the Dark Moon (LLL)

The Crab Clan considered the river to be the point of no return if travelling in the Shadowlands. Any samurai who did not turn back upon reaching the river would be considered lost forever. [8]

Battle[edit | edit source]

The Jade Champion Kuni Utagu was chasing Mohai [9] deep in the Shadowlands and the Black Finger River rose up to meet the Crab forces during the Battle of Drowned Honor. Many Hiruma were drowned and their corpses laid deep beneath the Forbidden Lake. [10]

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Black Finger River


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