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The Kuni Shugenja school devoted in fighting creatures of the Shadowlands. [1] It was housed at Kyuden Kuni, [2] which was burned down in 716 [3] and teachings since then were conducted by a teacher taking an apprentice. [4]

Tradition Edit

The Kuni practiced the ritual face painting, similar to the kabuki makeup. The students wore a style of face paint similar to their sensei, to honor him, which could identify the heraldry of any shugenja. [2] Their painted faces represented masks that were supposed to hide their true nature, a method of protection of their very souls, which were in peril by studying the Shadowlands. A chamber in Shiro Kuni contained paintings of every pattern that every Kuni shugenja had ever worn. [5]

Annual meeting Edit

During the Winter solstice every year the Kuni met at Kyuden Hida to discuss their findings, recruit new shugenja and engage in scholarly matters concerning the Clan. They changed spells, knowledge, and brought potential threats from the shadowlands to light. [6]

Training Edit

Kuni Shugenja 2

Kuni Shugenja in a dissection

Every Kuni had to take at least one apprentice during his life, and no Kuni was allowed to adopt more than one. No single attack could decimate again the Kuni shugenja as the Maw did. [2]

Anatomy Edit

Teachings involved dissection and close examination of body parts of shadowlands creatures. Other details in the teachings were left up to the individual teacher. Apprentices were picked every year at Kyuden Hida. Students must possess a strong stomach and burning desire to understand the nature of the shadowlands. Trapping live Shadowlands creatures for examination could bring generations of fruitful knowledge and was common practice. [4] The Crab’s alliance with the Nezumi granted them great insight into other nonhuman creatures. [1]

Maho Edit

As the students learned much about maho, which was a risk on its own, they were surveyed by wandering Kuni Witch Hunters, to take care of any who fell to the luring taint. [2]

Benefits Edit

The Kuni Shugenja prayed to the kami in the Shadowlands without the same risk to be seduced by the kansen as other shugenja. [2] The Kuni shugenja school focused on the purity of Earth magic, washing away the taint. [7]

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