Born: Pre-calendar 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Kuni family founder, Kuni Daimyo

Kuni was a founder of the Kuni family and known as the "seeker of that which is hidden". [1]

Initial Duties Edit

Kuni was intially tasked with magically altering stone to ease the construction of Kyuden Hida. While it did ease construction he did not believe it modified the stone with the same degree of skill as Kaiu's work. Kuni was among the first to sense the growing darkness from the south of Rokugan, and warned Hiruma not to go scouting further south. [2]

"There is an illness plaguing the southern lands. I cannot identify it, try as I might."

Oni no Hatsu Suru Edit

In 43 when Hida first wanted followers, Kuni stepped forward with Hiruma and Kaiu. To prove themselves they had to enter the Shadowlands and kill Oni no Hatsu Suru, a guardian left behind by Fu Leng in 43. Kuni's part in the fight with the oni was creating the magical trap to capture Hatsu Suru so Hiruma could finish it off. [3]

Kuni's Reward Edit

Afterwards Kuni's reward was permission to found his own family and permission to study the enemy, learning as many ways of destroying them as possible. He was ordered to discover the means of combating the dark Shadowlands magic. By doing this he supplied the Crab with the first real defenses against the Taint. [4] The family was small, and many were antisocial misfits, with inner true value. A few of the more inquisitive warriors of the Crab joined Kuni as well, assisting him in his “research” trips into the Shadowlands. [5]

Kuni's End Edit

But there was a price to pay. He became more obsessed with his task, seeking to uncover secrets best left untouched. He would make solitary trips into the Shadowlands, returning maddened and feverish, needing weeks of bed rest. The rantings he had while in bed would be recorded by apprentices, learning new ways to bind errant spirits, weaknesses of different oni and extending protective properties of Jade and crystal. In the end he locked himself in his quarters, and went slowly mad, his children and apprentices continuing with his work. When his family entered his private sanctum they found no body, only his private journals full on secrets on how to fight the creatures of the Shadowlands. [6] [7]

He was remembered as a hero who spent his life in service to the Crab, a service that cost him greatly. It was said that his spirit lived on in the blood of those who take his name and he watched over them as his own children. [8] [9]

Legacy Edit

Kuni alongside with Kaiu forged Kakko-Fudo, a jade katana specially crafted for the founder of the Kuni family. [10]

Preceded by:
Kuni Daimyo
43 - ?
Succeeded by:


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