Kuda Mura

Kuda Mura (CB5)

The quiet village of Kuda Mura (CB5) was one of the few in Crab lands that had plentiful of arable land, and was therefore highly prized by the Hida. Magistrates were kept nearby in the event of a northern attack, and if the village was to be destroyed it would halve the food production of the Crab. [1]

Kaiu Holding Edit

Kuda Mura had never been evacuated, not even during the Clan War and War of Spirits, and their peasants took up their farming implements to fight any rare attack that came from the Shadowlands. It was a Kaiu holding [2] located in the southern border of the Yoake province. [3]

Farming Experiments Edit

A former tea house was converted into a laboratory, researching how to maximize the crops. During the 12th century Kaiu Engineers there began to explore the notions of fertilizers and even crop rotation. [4]


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